Prom is the pinnacle for every senior before graduating and leaving the memories of high school behind. Forty teens at Jensen Beach High School in Florida will never reach that point after school officials discovered a champagne bottle on their party bus, forcing each student to be subjected to an individual breathalyzer costing precious time that made each student miss the prom. With AlcoHAWK® RapidScreen all forty students could have been tested as a group in a matter of minutes, allowing them to enter the dance and enjoy their once-in-a-lifetime senior prom experience.

The AlcoHAWK RapidScreen breath alcohol screening device (PRNewsFoto/Quest Products, Inc.)
Quest Products, producers of the AlcoHAWK® brand of breath alcohol screening devices, is pleased to announce the debut of a new breakthrough device in their premier line of Breathalyzer products, AlcoHAWK® RapidScreen. An innovative fuel-cell breathalyzer designed to test alcohol levels in both active and passive modes, AlcoHAWK® RapidScreen is a professional model which can rapidly screen a multitude of people with a zero tolerance or registered BAC level in a matter of just a few seconds each.

The AlcoHAWK® RapidScreen makes screening for the presence of alcohol easier than ever.  The no touch design is non-invasive and does not require the use of a mouthpiece or any other special attachments. Its zero tolerance feature allows a person to merely blow at the device and results are immediately registered showing either no BAC level (green light) or the presence of alcohol (red light). For example, schools could monitor 100 students as they enter or leave a function in the time it takes them to walk through the door. Other breathalyzer products on the market would take up to a minute between uses to reset whereas the AlcoHAWK® RapidScreen can reset in a fraction of a second.

With its variety of uses, the AlcoHAWK® RapidScreen is leading the way in screening for the presence of alcohol. Hospitals, clinics and substance abuse centers can check patients quickly for the presence of alcohol before administering medications. Employers can effectively enforce a zero-tolerance policy in the workplace. And law enforcement agencies can easily use it for testing drivers at roadside screening checkpoints and inmates returning from parole. The AlcoHAWK RapidScreen retails for $500.

Quest Products’ AlcoHAWK® brand of breath alcohol testing monitors are the premier name in breathalyzers. AlcoHAWK breathalyzer units are DOT tested and cleared as breath alcohol screening devices and have received U.S. FDA 510(k) pre-market clearance. The AlcoHAWK Breathalyzer line combines cutting-edge technology with simple-to-use formats and price point for any budget. AlcoHAWK breathalyzers provide accurate and instant results and are the #1 choice in determining blood alcohol concentrations (BAC).

About AlcoHAWK:  Quest Products, Inc., owners of the AlcoHAWK® Brand of Personal and Professional Breathalyzers, supports zero tolerance testing, responsible drinking and prevention of underage drinking and drunk driving. AlcoHAWK Breathalyzers can be found on their company site at